“Sustainability requires: conscious minds, responsible and committed men, 
and capable professionals, working together
to find solutions that ensure the well-being
of present and future generations ... "




Luisa PLAZA, Eng., M.Arch.
Civil Engineering, Architecture & Sustainability
Cross Functional Team – Manager

Luisa is from Caracas, Venezuela. She studied Civil Engineering at the Metropolitan University and participated as a design engineer in geotechnical projects for several years. She also completed a master's degree in Architecture with an emphasis on Sustainability at the Piloto University in Bogotá, Colombia. 

She is committed to sustainability across the spectrum, encompassing the impacts generated by construction in the environmental, economic and social spheres. She supports the importance of using computational tools to approach and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of pre-selected strategies and criteria in a given project, as well as supporting the influence of the regional aspect on the final behavior of buildings. 

Luisa is a member of the Cross Fuctional Team, which is responsible for identifying the needs of the projects, coordinating with different technical teams for the development of related activities and verifying compliance with the proposed scope.