"We are working so hard
in the development of a
unique approach to
sustainable development
within our geographical,
climatological and 
cultural scope." 



Maria Isabel CONDE, ESCS, SWMS, GS
Sustainable development & Urban Planning
Bioengineering & Bioclimatic Solutions - Director & Partner

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she studied Urban Planning at Simón Bolivar University (USB). A specialist in Erosion & Sediment Control, Storm-water Management, Drainage and Sub Drainage, Geosynthetic Materials, she works in the field of Sustanaible Development and is responsible for technical support and applications development of innovative techniques and of Bioengineering and Bioclimatic solutions. 

Maria Isabel leads Special Practice Teams of Water, Soil and Vegetation specialists, as well as, Cross Functional Teams engaged on large Low Impact Infrastructure Development projects.

She is a co-founder of Aqua Terra and also, acts as a content aggregator for Aqua Terra's US Green Building Council Education Partner Program.