"While promoting sustainability, we contribute to the way sites and communities are conceived
and projects are assessed, designed, constructed and operated."

The backbone of our company is comprised of a very diverse group of professionals with backgrounds in the fields of:

Environmental and Natural Resource Engineering; Hydrogeological, Hydrological and Water Resources Engineering; Ecological, Biological and Tropical Agro-ecological Sciences; Biochemical Engineering; Geotechnical and Civil Engineering; Urban Planning and Landscaping; Architecture and Sustainability; Electromechanical, Energy and Illumination Engineering; Political and Economic Sciences; Communicational and Info-graphic Design; and Certified Technicians.


We are a unique team of trained professionals weaving our individual talents, distinctive skills and experiences into stimulating projects, initiatives and programs.  




Aqua Terra identifies, attracts and mentors talented individuals. A multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals trains newcomers, exposing them to situations that will enrich their decision-making criteria, for our line of work. 

When you join us, you’ll find an unconventional organization, with a rich cultural pattern, capable of supporting your career in an environment that encourages uniqueness and innovation.

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