Hotel 10 Express, LEED® certification in process

The Hotel 10 express is located at Penonome, Cocle Province, next to Interamerican highway. It is a small hotel with 33 rooms. One of its best attractions is that same will be constructed using cargo containers of 40 feet long.



  • Water use reduction
  • Reduction of installed lighting power
  • Recycled content in the total value of materials 
  • All regularly occupied areas have direct line of sight to the outdoor

Year: 2013-2016
Location: Penonome,Cocle Province, Republic of Panama
Owner/Developer: Fortainer S.A.


Given services:
LEED®  Certification
LEED® Workshop
Energy simulation
Tenant Guidelines
Lighting design
Landscape and green wall design

Project area: 1679.37sqm 

New Construction v2009
LEED® certification in process