Teatro Amador Green Wall



Year: 2015
Location: Teatro Amador, Casco Viejo, Panama City, Republic of Panama.

Area:25 m2

Species: Native and adaptive species; Trasdecantia spathacea, Monstera deliciosa, Nephrolepsis exaltata, Anthurium araceae, Syngonium regina. 

Design principles: create thermal comfort, attenuate noise, improve air quality, connect visitors with the restaurant and beautify.


The green wall is at the terrace of the restaurant Caliope located at Teatro Amador, the design was inspired in 
the muse of poetry and eloquence.

Gardens are particularly good for the cities because they allow the use of available vertical surfaces,
recycle the stormwater, heal the sick building syndrome and we also accomplished aesthetics 
purposes and
the connections with the nature.