Dream Plaza, LEED Gold Certificate

Render by: Pinzón Lozano & Asociados

The Dream Plaza building is located at Costa del Este, Panama City, Republic of Panamá. It is a mixed use building, with two commercial levels and nine offices levels to rent.



  • 30% water use reduction
  • 12% energy roost saving according to simulation
  • 20% of the total value of materials have recycled content.
  • 90% of all regularly occupied areas have direct line of sight to the outdoor

Year: 2012-2016
Location: Costa del Este, Panamá, Owner/Developer: Dream Properties


Given services:
LEED®  Certification
Energy simulation
Tenant Guidelines
Products catalog
Interior lighting design assistance 
Arquitectural lighting design
Enhanced commissioning
Landscape and design

Project area: 71483 sqm 

LEED®  Core & Shell v2009

Precertification at Gold level